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Olympic Granola Featured in Experience Life

Posted: December 1, 2009

Experience Life ImageA big thanks to the staff at Experience Life Magazine for featuring Olympic Granola gourmet bars in the "Inside Out" section of their December 2009 issue.

Here's an excerpt of the writeup: "Full of protein and fiber, with just enough sweetness to boost your energy without dropping it off a cliff an hour later, these [Olympic Granola gourmet bars] make the perfect take-along snack. Pack them for a hike in the woods or keep a few in your backpack or desk drawer for mid-afternoon sustenance."

Look for us in the December 2009 issue, on newsstands now or read the full Olympic Granola article at www.ExperienceLifeMag.com.

"The Nibble" Shows Olympic Granola Bars the Love

Posted: September 8, 2009

Nibble ImageThe Nibble TM gourmet food blog has posted a comprehensive two-page review of Olympic Granola's line of gourmet granola bars.

"Whether or not you've ever eaten a granola bar, Olympic Granola Bars are a bar of different color...and flavor...and thrill," writes Karen Hochman of The Nibble. Hochman goes on to say, "...pop one of these individually-wrapped wonders into your pocket, gym bag or desk drawer and have a more-than-pleasing snack" following up with, "What else can we say: We're in love."

Many thanks to Karen and everyone at The Nibble for the in-depth review!

Read the full story here at: http://www.thenibble.com/zine/archives/olympic-granola-bars.asp

Heavy Table Reviews Olympic Granola

Posted: September 3, 2009

Heavy Table ImageTwin Cities-based food blog Heavy Table today published a review of Olympic Granola's gourmet granola bars -- mentioning specifically the Roasted Almond (now called Honey Almond) Trail Bar and the Espresso Almond Chocolate Coffee House Bar.

Foodie and Heavy Table author, James Norton writes, "there's a crisp, crunchy lightness to this bar that is different from the typical hard, high-density material that we've come to identify as "granola." A roasted flavor adds depth, and while the bar is crunchy, it's also soft, touched with a bit of honey and sunflower seed flavor."

In regards to the naturally energizing ingredient list and nutritional value of our gourmet granola bars, James goes on to say, "If you've been kayaking or landscaping all afternoon, this thing will put you back on your feet."

Thanks James and Heavy Table for the great review! Read the full review at: heavytable.com/olympic-granola-bars/

Olympic Granola Scores Big with Backpacker Magazine

Posted: July 16, 2009

Backpacker ImageToday Backpacker(R) magazine reviewed a number of Olympic Granola gourmet granola bars and posted the results on it's blog, The Daily Dirt.

Writer Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan started the write up with, "Olympic Granola's line of delectable trail bars, coffeehouse bars, and sunshine bars (don't get confused: They're all hikeworthy) scored big in our latest office taste test."

Here are comments others made in the Backpacker review:

Lemon Chamomile Sunshine Bar (Backpacker Office Favorite) - "It's real food! You can pronounce every ingredient. It's got a moist, chewy, subtle lemon taste," and "separates itself from the pack..."

Turtle Mocha Coffee House Bar - "Totally satisfies the chocolate craving," and "Like having a brownie on the trail, but somehow feels healthier."

Espresso Almond Chocolate Coffee House Bar - "Olympic Granola's Espresso Almond Coffeehouse Bar tasted splendid. Generous bits of rolled oats and nutty rice kept the bar crispy and light despite its density, and unlike a lot of coffee-ish energy bars, the espresso flavor seemed punchy and authentic. If you don't have time for coffee and breakfast, this bar kills two birds with one stone."

Chocolate Peanut Trail Bar - "Awesome! Tastes like something your backpacking grandma would bake for you--not like one of those boring, chemical-tasting energy bars. I tried to eat just half and save the rest for later, but I ended up snarfing the whole thing."

A big thanks to the entire staff at Backpacker magazine for the great review! Read the full Olympic Granola bar review at Backpacker.com

Olympic Granola Now Available at Foodzie.com

Posted: July 7, 2009

Foodzie ImageOlympic Granola recently launched a new online partnership with Foodzie, an online farmers market designed for small, artisan food producers to promote and sell their products.

The Olympic Granola Foodzie store offers the full product line of Trail Bars, Coffee House Bars, and Sunshine Bars, but will periodically offer Foodzie exclusive promotions not found via other online retailers. Foodzie users can also post comments and reviews of their favorite Olympic Granola gourmet bars and develop a personal profile including subjects like "I'm craving..." and what their "Favorite Ingredient(s)" are.

"We couldn't be more excited about working with Foodzie" said Bill Forsman of Olympic Granola. "It's a great opportunity to get in front of people who have an appreciation for great tasting, natural foods. Foodzie has done a great job of choosing producers who are passionate about their products and we're honored to be one of them."

To shop at the Foodzie store for Olympic Granola, visit: http://olympicgranola.foodzie.com

Sierra Club Rates Olympic Granola In Top Two Energy Bars

Posted: June 22, 2009

Sierra ClubToday the Sierra Club selected Olympic Granola as one of the top two ecofriendly energy bars on the market - out of a staff reviewed lineup of 28 competing energy bars.

Comments from the panel review regarding the Olympic Granola Almond Chocolate Bar included: "I'd get this for a hike, no doubt," "one of the best," and "I'd eat these every day." Taste testers also showed appreciation for the contents of the gourmet granola bars by saying Olympic Granola contains a "hearty, well-balanced mixture of nuts, oats, seeds, and chocolate" and that the bar actually "looks like food" when compared to the unidentifiable lump other bars are commonly characterized as.

"We couldn't be happier to receive such a great review from a respected organization such as the Sierra Club," said Bill Forsman of Olympic Granola. "We believe our gourmet granola bars are the perfect choice for those who love and respect the outdoors and need sustaining energy while they're out enjoying it."

Olympic Granola, Inc. is a North American company, which produces all natural gourmet granola bars including their popular Trail Bars, Coffee House Bars, and Sunshine Bars. Their mission is to provide the best tasting healthy granola products available to meet the needs of today's increasingly health conscious, fast-paced lifestyles.

Trail Bar Featured in SELF Magazine

Posted: June 17, 2009

Self Magazine ImageRecently the Olympic Granola Almond Chocolate Trail Bar was featured on SELF Magazine's Web site, in the Healthy Bites section.

Writer Erin Hobday commented "It was really tasty and satisfying," and that the 3 oz bar was "enough to keep me full until lunch."

Thanks Erin for the great review!

Have you seen Olympic Granola mentioned in your favorite magazine, newspaper or Web site? Or maybe you have your own testimony you'd like to send us about Olympic Granola gourmet bars? Use our online contact form to send us your comments.