Olympia Granola's long-standing mission since 2003 remains true. A commitment to utilizing honest, pure ingredients to deliver satisfaction and refuel with every bite. Without sacrificing quality or taste. No artificial sweeteners or syrups, only 100% USA honey. We're 100% gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, peanut-free, and oil-free.




Our story begins in the Olympic Mountain region. What started as a simple, hand rolled recipe crafted in kitchen with loved ones at the center, quickly became a new standard in granola bars. Now in the heart of the Midwest, our energizing trail bars continue to uphold that standard. We use only wholesome ingredients like gluten-free rolled oats, puffed rice, natural almonds, sunflower and whole brown flax seeds. Coming together to provide a nutritious dose of fiber, healthy fats and proteins. All crafted with the intention to keep you feeling satisfied and refueled.

So, for all you adventure seekers out there, this one's for you. We make hearty, naturally energizing granola bars to support you through all of life's endeavors. Whether you're on the trail, track, or just in need of a tasty pick-me-up...we're together to the top.


Our Difference

In the world of granola bars, we're often left with two choices. Overly hard and crunchy, or the all too chewy, paste like granola bars. At Olympia Granola, we turn to pure natural honey. This is the essence of our granola bars. Unlike other granola bars that rely on artificial sweeteners or syrups. we choose honey for its natural sweetness so you can enjoy each delicious bite, guilt-free. 

Our cold-forming method assists in ensuring a tender, delicate texture in our granola bars. This process involves heating our 100% USA Honey and combining with our honest ingredients. Once mixed, we apply pressure to find. The result? An irresistible granola bar packed with flavor and crunch, crafted to support you in refueling throughout the day. Delivered in a perfect square that goes wherever you do.